With the completion of several genome sequencing projects, much of the emphasis in biological research has shifted to functional and structural characterization of the proteins encoded by these genomes. Efforts are being made to automate and optimize the multi-stage process of three-dimensional protein structure determination. Data management is an important aspect of this automation. ZebaView, which is available at http://www-nmr.cabm.rutgers.edu/bioinformatics/ZebaView/, is a web-based tool that allows scientists to quickly access important summary information about current protein targets in the Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium. It also allows the user to access more in depth information about the targets via links to other parts of ZebaView and outside resources. ZebaView links to Primer Prim'er, allowing users to quickly create primers for two commonly used plasmid systems. It also minimizes target overlap with other structural genomics projects and with known protein structures by providing access to tools to search against the targets of 13 different structural genomics consortiums and all released PDB structures.