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(c) Copyright 2002  Michael C. Baran and Gaetano T. Montelione
Center for Advanced Technology and Medicine (CABM)
Rutgers University

Modern protein NMR spectroscopy laboratories have a rapidly growing need for an easily queried local archival system of raw experimental NMR datasets. SPINS (Standardized ProteIn Nmr Storage) is an object-oriented relational database that provides facilities for high-volume NMR data archival, organization of analyses, and dissemination of results to the public domain by automatic preparation of the header files required for submission of data to the BioMagResBank (BMRB).  The current version of SPINS coordinates the process from data collection to BMRB deposition of raw NMR data by standardizing and integrating the storage and retrieval of these data in a local laboratory file system.

Baran, M.; Moseley, H.N.B.; Sahota, G.; Montelione, G.T.  J. Biomol. NMR 2002, 24: 113-121.  SPINS: Standardized ProteIn NMR Storage.  A data dictionary and object-oriented relational database for archiving protein NMR spectra.

The SPINS project is evolving into an integrated software solution to the NMR structural determination process.  SPINS interacts with over 20 different pieces of NMR software providing users with a highly integrated approach to automated data collection management, NMR data processing, peak-picking, spin-typing, resonance assignments, side-chain assignments, structural determination, as well numerous validation and reporting tools.
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