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Mating Pheromone Er-10

Er-10 is a pheromone from the ciliated protozoan organism, Euplotes raikovi. The pheromone itself is secreted by the cells of the unicellular eukaryote. Mating ciliate pheromones are known as gamones, which are diffusible extracellular signals that determine classes of cells known as mating types. These proteins then prepare the cells for conjugation by altering their cell surfaces. When the protein is excreted by one cell, it may induce a mating pair to form. The network of pheromones in the organism E. raikovi is a good example of transmembrane signaling.
Pheromones from the organism E. raikovi are synthesized as precursors that contain a signal peptide sequence and a prosegment amino terminal. These two charcteristics are representative and highly conserved among secreted proteins.

  • Keywords: Pheromone, Signal
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S. Raffioni, P. Luporini, R.A. Bradshaw
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