NIGMS Protein Structure Initiative
Workshop on Data Management
Conference Room D, Natcher Building, NIH
July 10 – 11, 2003
Thursday, July 10

8:00    Breakfast
8:30     Opening Remarks
John Norvell, Director, Protein Structure Initiative
8:40      Session I:  PSI Center Presentation
        Session Chair: Andrej Sali, UC San Francisco
8:40      Berkeley Structural Genomics Center – John-Mark Chandonia
9:00      Center for Eukaryotic Structural Genomics – Zsolt Zolnai
9:20      Joint Center for Structural Genomics – Adam Godzik
9:40      Midwest Center for Structural Genomics  – Wladek Minor (part 1), (part 2) (part 3)
10:00     New York Structural GenomiX Research Consortium  – Andras Fiser
10:20     Coffee Break
10:40     Session II:  PSI Center Presentation
Session Chair: Helen Berman, Protein Data Bank
10:40     Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium  – Mark Gerstein
11:00     Southeast Collaboratory for Structural Genomics  – John Rose
11:20     Structural Genomics of Pathogenic Protozoa Consortium – Frank Zucker
11:40     TB Structural Genomics Consortium  – Debnath Pal
12:00     General questions for the center presentations
12:30     Lunch
1:30      Session III:  Invited Talk
Session Chair: Paul Adams, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
1:30      The Protein Data Bank and Data Management
        Helen Berman, Rutgers University (part 1) (part 2)
2:00      BioMagResBank (BMRB)
        Eldon Ulrich, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2:20        Dynamic Genomic Database Management:
        Strategies for Managing an Evolving Database Structure
        Scott Smith, Washington Univ. Genome Sequencing Center
2:50      E-HTPX and SPINE Data Model for Protein Production
        Kim Henrick, European Bioinformatics Institute
3:20      Coffee Break
3:50      Session IV:  Invited Talk        
Session Chair: Eldon Ulrich, U. Wisconsin-Madison
3:50      Data Management in a High-Throughput, Science-Based  Genome Center
        Steven Salzberg, TIGR
4:20      Harvesting, Tracking, and Supplying Key Data for Structure Based Databases
        Howard Hackworth and  Jorg Hendle, Structural GenomiX
4:50      Data Management for Target Selection, Protein Production and Crystallization at the OPPF
        Robert Esnouf, Oxford University
5:20      Adjourn  
Friday, July 11

8:00        Breakfast
8:30      Session V:  Data Management Topic Discussion
Session Chair: Charles Edmonds, NIGMS
8:30      Data Content & Requirements
        Helen Berman / Paul Adams
9:20      Data Acquisition   
        Wladek Minor / Eldon Ulrich
10:10      Coffee Break
10:30     Database Functionality, Structure, & Tools
        Andrej Sali / Mark Gerstein
11:20     Data Dissemination, Exchange, & Publication  
        Adam Godzik / Wladek Minor
12:10     Lunch  
1:10        Discussion on Target Selection
        Adam Godzik / John Norvell
2:00      Summary of Topic Discussion and Action Plan (15 min each)
Session Chair: Mark Gerstein, Yale University
3:15      Workshop Adjourn

Workshop Summary – Organizing Committee