Steps for the new user to run VNMR:

    The NMR spectrum processing software we are using in the lab is VNMR, the current version is 5.1.
    If you are a new user, and you want to set up your local enviroment in order to run VNMR properly, Please follow the instructions listed below:
  1. First of all, you should know that VNMR can only run on machine lion. So the first step you should do is to make sure that you are currently logged on lion, instead of other machine, if not, try telnet or rlogin onto lion.

  3. Now, you are under your home directory, say: /nmrusr/people/your_usr_name. The second thing you need to know is that the "vnmr" command is a macro written by someone in the lab before, this macro wants you have a complete local directory set up correctly, the name of this local directory is "vnmrsys5.1", the path of this local directory should be "/nmr2/data/your_usr_name/vnmrsys5.1".

  5. So the third thing will be: where should you go to get this directory? Follow the link, you can get vnmrsys5.1.tar.gz which is a standard directory containing all of the required parameter files. You download this file under directory "/nmr2/data/your_usr_name/".

  7. The fourth step is to uncompress it and untar by command:

  8. >gzip -d vnmrsys5.1.tar.gz
    >tar xvf vnmrsys5.1.tar
  9. Now type command "vnmr" in the command line, and follow the instructions of this macro command, you will finally see the graphical interface of VNMR, that means you are done. The local directory is correctly set up, and the next time, you can run vnmr and add more experiments to your local directory or do whatever you like. Have fun!