New York Structural Biology Center

Protein Expression Subcommittee

Friday, July 9, 1999

     Can it be done as a company?
          - hard to know if product could be delivered
     Training facility?

     Cannot compete in scale with biotech companies
     Intellectual Capital
          - develop new vectors

Bill Studier
     With 2 - 4 people can generate lots of expression constructs.
    Have begun work in 96-well trays
     Usually get rid of HexaHis - do FPLC purification
     With Multiple groups feeding into Center, have overlap / duplication problem

     Core staff making proteins / helping others to carry out expression

Larry Shapiro
     Pushes for a centralized structural genomics institute
     Should focus on small genome; completely circumscribed  e.g small bacterium

     outlined what our thinking is and how we can use such a facility

     maybe good to focus on small genome

Steve Elmo
     Would like to broaden programs in his lab - - tale a genomics approach to a biological focus - growth cone; salmonelle entry -- focus on specific biological
     Resource of expertise
     Need to have "structural genomics" as guiding feature for fund raising / scientific value.

Bill Studier
     Put everything in T7 and take what comes.  Cuts off leader sequence.  Gets ~10 - 20% of what you start with.

Larry Shapiro
     Maybe make a deal with Chip Company.
     Agreement with Affimetrix, Incyte for Chips

     Cannot the center do both - be structural genomic center and provide resources of expertise?

Maria Tasayco
     Interested in the "crumbs"; and extends the project

Bill Studier
     Center only makes sense within the context of a structural genomics effort.  Would be hard to justify a Center if it is not part of a Structural Genomics Effort.

Chris Lima
     Major focus has to be on developing new technologies.
     Probably need a biochemical engineer.

Bill Studier
     Goal: Least amount of effort to generate the most information.
     National lab is natural place to do it - we hire techs rather than postdocs.
     Need centralized activity.
     Protein expression is centralized -- structure solving is distributed.