EPA Safety Check
               Tue, 25 Apr 2000
               Daphne Palacios

To Everyone in the Wet Lab and Computer Room:

Just wanted everyone to know that the lab has been preparing for an unscheduled, surprise EPA inspection.
Thank you everyone for cooperating and keeping the wet lab clean.  I just wanted to bring out a few pointers:

1) Everyone in the wet lab and computer lab may be questioned by the EPA.  It is therefore everyone's
responsibility to question and assist any stranger who comes into both the wet and computer lab.  Remember
that the door states Authorized Personnel only and you must question anyone we do not recognize.

2)  For anyone who has a bench in the wet lab or has ever worked in the wet lab, please go through your lab
items and make sure all buffers have been labeled.  Kris and I have gone through each bench and found buffers
and solutions and labeled them as best we can.  We have been very thorough but we want to make sure.  Please
go through your bench and label all solutions.  We have also looked into Room 119 which is our Cold Room.  All
solutions (even water) must be labeled -- preferably with the actual % or molar conc. of each component listed, along with the pH.

3)  Alba and Carol have conducted a mock inspection for our lab.  They have stated that they found no
violations.  So far so good.  However, the EPA are still authorized to ask questions of anyone who belongs to
this lab:
    a) Pls. read the pamphlet that has been distributed.  If you have not received one, please see Daphne.
    b) One common question:  "What do you do if there is a chemical spill?"
            Please answer Notify EOHSS at 5-4000.  Isolate the area and post a warning sign.
            Alert personnel and evacuate the area (try to remember "NIce ApE" or some acronym that works for you).
            The wet lab desks have an emergency response guide posted next to each phone. This covers all kinds of
            spills so please take the time to read it.
    c) How do you get Material Safety Data Sheets?  Simply state that each computer in the wet lab has a
        label marked on top with the URL of EOHSS material safety data sheets
        (  Please label and bookmark these on your computers too so
        you know how to access it.

4)  Physical copies of Material Safety Data sheets must be present in the lab for all chemicals used in the lab.  These are located above the bench in the wet lab between Rong's desk and mine, above the Taylor microcentrifuge.  If you don't know where this is, just ask me.
    Also located in the same area is our lab copy of the "Laboratory Safety Plan", which contains specific information about responsible personnel and procedures in our lab.

5) Notify Kris or me if you have things under the hood. All solutions under the hood must be properly labeled.

6) If you have any hazardous waste to dispose of that is not currently in the hood, please make sure it is properly labelled and stored in Hood II for pickup.  Check with me to see if your waste is hazardous, and if so, that it is properly labeled for disposal.

7)  Please familiarize yourself with the locations of the following safety equipment:
    a) first aid kit  (right next to room 014 door)
    b) fire extinguishers (one is at the entrance and the other at exit  of room  014)
    c) eyewash (main sink in room 014)
    d) shower (inner hallway next to doors of 017 and 014)
    e) chemical spill kits (where first aid kit is, next to the entrance of 014)

Sorry for the long notice.  We just wanted to make sure that everyone is familiar with the safety procedures
and equipment in our lab.  Thank you.