Lab Safety & Cleanup

1) Please put away all EtBr gels under the hood on plastic or paper towel. They must be dried and are ok to be thrown in the white trash (according to Carol).

2) All EtBr staining and destaining boxes must be left under the hood for everyone's safety. Do not leave them anywhere near the protein light box or benches without a big label because people pass by everyday without gloves or labcoats.

3) After filtering the EtBr stain, please do not forget to mark X on the filter. Generally, it is one X for each 500 ml of EtBr solution filtered.

4) Anything with EtBr (except gels) such as the tupperware boxes and plastics used to scoop up gels must be washed afterwards and dried under the hood. They must be labeled that they were used for EtBr.

5) For supplies and equipment, I have noticed that microcentrifuge tubes are used up quickly. Please use the 96 well plates for restriction enzyme digests that require more than 5 reactions.

6) Please tell me if we are running low on autoclaved supplies (tubes, tips, PCR & sequencing tubes) so I can autoclave or order more. If you see that there are less than three boxes left in the supply cabinet, please tell me immediately. Any help in preparing supplies is greatly appreciated.

7) Overnight cultures in test tubes must be placed in the white wash rack next to the sink. They must be washed immediately (all toothpicks thrown in the biohazard trash). This rack is specialized for washing test tubes because of its "grip" which holds the tubes when inverted. Please wash with water and ethanol (removes the labeling).

8) When the rack is filled, test tubes and green caps are soaked separately in soapy water with a metal rack. Housekeeping will pick up and autoclave afterwards.



If we all cooperate, we can keep the lab running smoothly and safely. Thanks everybody for helping out. -Daphne