This policy is meant to outline a procedure for lab computing users about to leave the lab, laying out a rough set of guidelines and procedures defining how data is to be permanently backed up and archived.

Backup Guidelines / Procedure

1. All fid files should be archived in the SPINS database.  This process should be done as the data are collected, or within a few days after collecting data.

2. Users are responsible for keeping backup copies of his/her own key data (fids, source codes, computational results, etc) on CD or DVD disks.

3. All source codes, executables, representative input / output data, and associated documentation should be archived in incremented versions in the nmrdevel directory for each version of software.

4. When the user is preparing to leave, he/she should contact the system administrator several days in advance to begin the backing up process.  The user should, as a preliminary step, determine which data of theirs is extraneous or irrelevant, and carefully remove it from his/her home/data directories, being certain not to delete files that other users of the lab might find useful.  Files to delete at this point could include personal/non-work-related files, duplicates, or anything else the user wishes to delete.
At this point, the data will be archived by the system administrator onto both tapes and DVD/CDROMS, with each medium stored at separate locations.  This backup can include key fid data, peak lists, processed files, computational results, source code, executable codes, or any files the user feels should be archived.  If desired, this archive can be made by the user at any time during his/her tenure in the lab, in addition to being made by the sys admin upon each user leaving the lab.
5. After the archiving has been completed, the user should work with the system Administrator and any others who might be relevant, and further trim his/her data such that whatever files or data remaining after the trimming will be maintained on disk for two months before finally being deleted from the lab's PCs.

Retention of Backups

After the user leaves, whatever data he has chosen to leave on the file servers will remain there for two months before being permanently deleted from the lab's hard drives.  After that data has been permanently deleted, only the archives will remain.  The archives consist of almost all of the user's data (barring personal or other irrelevant files), and will be stored on two separate mediums and at two distinct locations, should either the user or a lab member wish to access the data.