Gaetano T. Montelione Laboratory
CABM Protein NMR Laboratory


Primer prim'er
  Automated PCR primer design software.
  Requires Macromedia's Flash plugin.
  The previously released PERL-CGI version can be found here.
  Screen shots

Zeba view
  Official NESG target list.
  Zeba view organizes and reports on the progress of the NESG.
NESG C. elegans protein structure gallery
  A structural gallery of C. elegan protein structures.
  The gallery offers a detailed report about each structure.
HOMA ( Homology Modeling Automatically )
  HOMA is a homology-modeling server designed to model the 3-dimensional structure of a protein based on the known structure of a homologue and a sequence alignment. Models are generated using constrained energy minimization using "homology distance constraints" generated from the known structure and sequence alignment.
Protein Structure Validation Suite
  PSVS systematically evaluates the quality of protein structures.
  PSVS reports a set of quality scores and constraint analyzes.
  This server returns a concise validation report that includes a standard set of graphs and tables.
SPINS ( Standarding ProteIn Nmr Storage )   local access only
  A relational database standardizing protein NMR storage and submission.
FeS cluster protein gallery
  An image gallery of proteins solved by the NESG that posses FeS clusters.
  Prokaryotic organisms
  Eukaryotic organism
Proteomic tools
  A collection of proteomic tools.
Structural genomics of transcriptional complexes
  This tool organizes the target data for the Structural Genomics of Transcriptional Complexes
  effort lead by Dr. Richard Ebright.
TAP ( Target Analysis and Prioritization )
  TAP is a COG based suite of bioinformatic tools used to select protein
  targets for the NESG Consortium.