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Henry Rutgers Honors Thesis Presentations

The Henry Rutgers Scholars Program is both a respected and rewarding undergraduate experience at Rutgers University. The following students from the CABM Structural Bioinformatics Laboratory have participated in the program:

  • 1992
    Mr. Mark Olysk

    "New Computational Methods for Homology Modeling of Proteins."
  • 1994
    Ms. Haicheng Li

    "Holology Modeling Using Constrained Molecular Dynamics: Application in Predicting the Three Dimensional Structure on Murine Homeobox Domain MSX-1”
  • 1996
    Ms. Staci Michelle Lieberman
    "NMR Solution Structure Determination of the Murine Homeodomain MSX-1"
  • 1997
    Mr. Shabbar Danish

    "Biophysical Studies of CspA, the Major Cold Shock Protein Of E. coli"

    Ms. Lisa Seufert
    "Expression and Purification of 15N-enriched Alzheimer's Amyloid β-Protein Precursor Kunitz Inhibitor Domain (APP-KI)."
  • 1999
    Ms. Alexandra Gardino

    "Clusters of Orthologous Groups: Applications in Bioinformatics, Structural Biology, and Structure-Based Functional Genomics."  (html)
  • 2000
    Ms. Reza Akhtar
    "High Throughput Homology Modeling for Structural Genomics."  (word, pdf)

    Mr. Ram Mani
    "Structural Genomics of Conserved Gene Families." (word, pdf)
  • 2002
    Mr. Gurmukh Sahota

    "Solution NMR structure of the BRCT domain of Thermus thermophilus DNA ligase."
  • 2003
    Mr. Marvin Bayro

    "AutoProc: Automated processing of protein NMR data through a generalized experimental model in a relational database approach."

    Mr. Nadeem Riaz
    "Automated analysis of peak patterns in multidimensional nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy." 

    Ms. Zeba Wunderlich
    "HOMA, Homology Modeling Automatically, and ZebaView: Two bioinformatics applications for structural genomics."
  • 2004
    Ms. Tatiana Borissova

    "Protein Stability Measurements Using Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange, Mass Spectrometry, and NMR Spectroscopy." (pdf)

    Ms. Kate Drahos
    “Protein expression and folding optimization for high-throughput proteomics” (html, ppt)
  • 2005
    Ms. Pavithra Shivakumar

    " AutoQF Software for Validation of Protein NMR Structures."
  • 2006
    Brian Radvansky

    "Media and Construct Optimization of NS1 and ISG15 Proteins for Structural and Functional Biological Studies" (restricted access for doc, ppt)

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