Gaetano T. Montelione Laboratory
CABM Protein NMR Laboratory

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Policies for Disk Usage

1. Data Collection :

A. All .fid files stored during collection should be placed in the /home/vnmr1 directory (ie /data500/vnmr1 or /data600/vnmr1). Data.fid files found in lower level directories (eg. vnmrsys/*) will be moved to the /data500/vnmr1 or /data600/vnmr1 and will be deleted from the lower level directories.

B. All .fid files must be backed up onto MO disks or magnetic tape within 1-2 days of collection. MO disks should be backed up onto magnetic tapes every 4-6 weeks. These backups are the responsibility of the user.

C. All .fid files collected by the user should be deleted from the vnmr1 home directory by that user within 3 days of data collection.

D. All .fid files in the vnmr1 home directory will be automatically deleted by the system after ~7 days.

2. Data Processing :

 A. All data sets ( except those of designated "special" users) will be deleted from the /tmp4 and /tmp1 and /tmp2 "garage" disks every other evening.(see Disk space and quota page. )

B. Users are designated as "special user" for 1-week periods.

C. There may be no more than two "special users" at any given time. Assignment of "special user" status is first-come-first-serve, except as assigned by Prof. Montelione.

 A minimum of one week's notice is required inorder to be assigned the "special user".