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Varian Inova 500 MHz Spectrometer (11.75 T 51-mm Bore Oxford Magnet) The UNITY INOVA 500 MHz High Resolution NMR Spectrometer is equipped with the following:

  • Narrow bore Oxford magnet
  • Highband 1st and 2nd Channels with frequency ranges of 12 - 609.5 MHz and 499.5 - 500.5 MHz
  • Broadband 3rd and 4th Channels with frequency ranges of 12 - 309.5 MHz (Both with a resolution of 0.1 Hz)
  • 50W (pulsed) high band linear amplifiers for the 1H/19F channels
  • 300W (pulsed) broadband linear amplifiers (12 - 200 MHz, and 150W for 200 - 245 MHz)
  • Two additional 300W (pulsed) broadband linear amplifiers (300W at 12 - 200 MHz, 150W for 200 - 245 MHz) on the 3rd and 4th channels
  • Two Performa II Pulsed-Field Gradient modules which provide > 30 gauss/cm
  • Deuterium decoupling accessories
  • VT control
  • Ultrashims II
  • Waveform generators on each of four channels  (for shaped and comp. pulses)
  • High sensitivity, low noise GaAs FET preamplifiers for 1H/19F
  • 2H lock with computer-controlled lock gating (for deuterium decoupling experiments)
  • 16-bit ADCs, 500 kHz spectral widths and full quadrature with simultaneous sampling and oversampling

Host computer: Sun Microsystems Ultra 5 with Solaris Operating System

NMR Software : VNMR 6.1 B

Probes include:

Serial no. Type
Probe 3047 1H{13C/15N}-PFG 5mm Triple NMR VT probe with X,Y,Z gradient
Probe 2143  1H{13C/15N}-PFG 8mm Triple NMR VT probe with Z gradients
Probe LC125 1H/19F{13C}-PFG Indirect Microflow LC-NMR probe with 60 uL flow cell and Z gradient
Probe 229  Broadband 10 mm probe - direct X nuclei detection (50 to 126 MHz)